Dynamic Rumble Strips

Proven Approach Combined with Breakthrough Innovation

While permanent rumble strips have been proven to bring drivers' attention to the roadway, drivers become numb to their effects over time. Rebel Roadway Systems is pioneering a patent-pending demand-responsive rumble strip solution for use in roadways that is active only when necessary. This means drivers are more attentive to pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles entering around blind spots, and/or crossing rail. 

Our Dynamic Rumble Strips are installed flush to the road surface in a transverse orientation to the roadway and become active (raising alternating sections) only when necessary to alert drivers to slow down or stop. 

They are installed in travel lanes upstream of locations where improved traffic safety for pedestrians, light and heavy rail, and other vehicles is required.  In addition, the Dynamic Rumble Strips are useful to control speeds along facilities and infrastructure of special interest such as school zones, hospitals, onramps/off ramps and event venues.

With rapid-flashing beacons falling short of the safety demands as evidenced by fatalities that have continued to occur in areas using these solutions, it makes sense to turn to on-demand rumble strips, which are proven to cause drivers to instinctively and immediately return their attention to the roadway. 

The Dynamic Rumble Strip mechanism can be activated through traffic signal controllers, video or laser detection, pedestrians, and detection systems being developed for connected and autonomous vehicles. 

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Our Dynamic Rumble Strip systems are built for simplicity, easy maintenance, easy replacement, durability and superior safety provided to the communities we serve. Contact us to learn more about  how we can address your community's needs.